iPhone Apps to Help Increase Productivity

Usually I like to be impartial when it comes to verses battles. Google vs. Bing. Coke vs. Pepsi, etc. A perfect example is Android or iPhone, I love them both! However for this article I feel that the iPhone has developed so many apps that there is literally nothing that the iPhone can’t do!

Although my iPhone screen is covered with pages of apps, there are a few that I use strictly for business and have helped me, overtime, be wildly productive. Here is my comprehensive list of applications can help you reach the top of the class.

1) Daily Tracker. This listing/do-to/organization app does everything for anyone who wishes to get their life in order. The Daily Tracker App makes it easy to have multiple list with check boxes, an area to input notes and MORE! The daily tracker literally has a thousand uses (as stated in its Info section.) In addition, it can be a journal, a to-do list, a counter, a calendar, or even an RSS Feed reader. AMAZING! The Pro version cost $1.99 and for the Lite Version it’s absolutely free with certain restrictions. This iPhone App is definitely #1 on my list.

2) BookMarker. This is one of my all-time favorite apps on the iPhone for reading. Don’t you hate it when you buy a book and read the first 10 pages then after a month you’re still on page 10 but forgot what you read!? BookMarker helps keep you motivated while reading a certain book and allows you to manage multiple books in order to pick up where you left off. It also gives estimated times of when you are targeted to finish a book granted that you keep up your daily reading pace. The cost for this app is $1.99 too. As you can tell, I don’t mind spending money on apps that boost productivity. In the long run, it’s worth it. Better than having unread books on my shelves. There is also a BookMarker Free version that displays ads but doesn’t allow you to export reports which if you don’t need it then go for the free.

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3) 2Do. One of my favorite to-do applications because it sync with Outlook. I like to-do list as much as the next person and I have to say out of all of the to-do list apps, the 2Do app does it the best. Right now it’s on it’s 2.0 version and cleanly separates the task that need to be completed chronologically. It also animates a pencil crossing off a task once you complete it (which for me is HIGHLY motivating) and on the right side it has a tabbed system that allow you to categorize all of the task that you need to complete. For example, it has a tab for Today, Done, Starred, Home, Work and the list goes on. For me, a big feature that is a must for any to-do list is being able to sync with Outlook. That is why this application is a must have!

4) Goal Meter. Goal Meter is a great goal motivational tool that allows you to track little steps to attain a certain goal. It is simple yet highly effective. All you need to do is input an end number that you wish to reach and increments in which you wish to increase or move toward your goal. An example for me would be to exercise 15 times in a month. I have the goal set at 15 times and the increment amount of 1 for each time that I work out starting from 0. The neat aspect of the app is that it is very visual and basic. It is just a square with a plus or minus sign with the goal right in the middle. With each time that you press the plus sign the number on the top left increases in the increments that you set (the goal is on the right side.) Each time that you accomplish a task you hit the plus sign to increase the number on the left. The bar in the square rises progresses higher. The bar also changes in color as you progress toward your goal. Red being low and green being high.

5) NotifyMe2. If you’re forgetful like me, this app will save your life. It uses the push notification feature on the iPhone and allows pop-up notifications to remind you of events, tasks, items that you need to complete, and other reminders. It is an all-in-one reminder machine! I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably wondering why don’t I use the calendar feature. Yes, that is true but the interface is easy-to-use and makes inputting reminders easy. This application also syncs with a username on a Cloud system which is the web address – www.notifymecloud.com. This feature also allows you to be notified online. Other features include sharing reminders with other users, a snooze button, and pre-alerts. The application cost a whopping $5.99.

6) Dragon Dictation. Do you enjoy writing a lot? Do you wish you could talk your texts or jot down an idea just by speaking, then Dragon Dictation is the application for you. I use Dragon Dictation to type a majority of my blogs and the app allows me to jot down ideas hands-free while driving! Which now I can avoid tickets for driving and texting. This app is also good for those that have long winded writing assignments. With Dragon Dictation, I am able to write entire blogs just by speaking them and then copying and pasting the text to a note pad, which saves me a ton of time. You should try it. The great thing about this iPhone App is that its absolutely free.

7) ScannerPro. The ScannerPro is an app that turns your iPhone into a full-fledged scanner. In the beginning I didn’t believe that it’d be able to live up to the challenge only because I didn’t think taking a picture of a piece of paper would turn the document into a readable PDF… but ScannerPro proved me wrong. Here is a short story. About a week ago I got a new mac mini. As you know I was totally ecstatic! However, for some reason I wasn’t able to connect my regular scanner to my mac mini as I was able to with my PC. It was very sad. However, I heard about scanning via the iPhone and low-and-behold, I am now able to scan any 8.5 x 11 paper. I send it through my picture by e-mail and it looks as good as if I scanned it with my HP Scannner. The total price for this app on the App Store is $6.99.

For now, those are the best that I recommend. I hope that this list of productive apps equip your iPhone for business readiness. I usually spend an hour a week looking for different apps on the App Store, so I know for a fact that these are some of the best apps in the productivity market. However, it all depends on you and your needs!

If you have any apps that you would like to share, please comment below. I would love to see what other people have to say about their productivity apps and how it helps them to be more effective. Who knows, I could use another 2 more pages of app.