How to Stay Motivated Writing a Blog

If you’re a part-time blogger or even a full-time blogger, you run into those situations where you’re just not in the mood to write (I know I do!) So how do you muster the motivation after 10 hours of work, finding time for pleasurable pursuits and tending to the family? When finishing a long day, don’t you just want to sit and relax? Adding insult to injury, how about the times when you spend 5 hours writing a blog and no one reads it, comments on it or views it, totaling an incredible view count of 1…and that’s because it’s YOU! What a waste of time you think to yourself. Why should I continue doing this? Well…

Here are a few tips I put together in order to stick and stay motivated with a blog. I’m the type of person who has a tendency to actually quit after 3 days of doing anything. However, ever since I’ve started this blog I find myself writing more and more keeping motivated with all that I do (must have something to do with writing for a motivational blog). In any case, there are moments when you’re working on an assignment and you just don’t feel like there’s enough gas in the tank to get you over the hill.

A Short Inspirational and Motivational Story

I recall a story (not vividly) about a man who was searching for oil. He was told about a location where others had struck it rich and made millions of dollars mining for oil (please correct me if I’m wrong because it could’ve been gold). He purchased the finest equipment and invested hundreds of dollars to dig in the exact same place in which the people told him to find the oil. He dug day-in and day-out but found no oil. After a few extra attempts, he decided to give up and sell his used beat up – now old – equipment to a local pawn shop (I can imagine exaggerating the story and causing rumors making this bigger than it actually is). He pawned his equipment to a man that later took the equipment and went digging in the exact same spot. The new equipment owner used the same beat up old equipment and after spending a few days, struck it rich with oil! The news spread throughout the town. As soon as the first man heard the story he went back to seek out the guy he sold his equipment too. He asked, “How is that possible!? I spent days in that exact area looking for oil that you discovered!” The now rich and famous oil miner replied, “I just dug a little further down and hit an oil vein.” Same equipment, same place but the second guy followed through and didn’t give up.

The morale of the story: Success can be right at the very point of when you’re about to give up. You might need to dig a little deeper in order to strike oil.

We often hear people say “I thought of that idea! I just wish I did it before it got big!” or “If I just kept up with that program I could’ve made something of myself”. Those were the cases for Youtube, Twitter, Successful Blogs, and more. If we don’t see results right away we tend to give up. I urge anyone reading this – If you are truly passionate about something, follow it reasonably until you realize the success of your goal, whether it’s to make income with your blog, achieve a thousand views, become famous, etc.

Hopefully this story was able to motivate you to realize that success usually doesn’t happen overnight (I can attest) and that if you’re striving for a successful blog then it’s something that you need to stick with. That being said, we continue onward to the nuts and bolts of staying motivated writing a blog! Here are tips I’ve found effective in staying motivated with writing this blog.

1. Write down all your blog ideas. Any idea that comes to mind, jot it down for future reference whether it’s a blog title or bits and pieces of information. This helps to prevent writers block and encourages a flow of ideas and topics to write about literally forever!

2. Take Advantage of energy peaks. If you’re on a roll and are knocking them out one by one, you should keep going and start with another one. No one says that the writing process should stop after just one blog. Note the time in which you’re most effective writing blogs and try to duplicate the environment. This may be a peak moment in your energy at which you’re most effective writing.

3. Keep drafts of multiple blogs entries. I use WordPress to write this blog. WordPress has a nifty feature that I use to save drafts of my incomplete blogs. This way if I don’t completely finish a blog or have a super long entry I can continue writing at anytime and get back to it later. I can edit it from home, at a friend’s home, on my phone, or even at work (shhhh, don’t tell) because its online. If you don’t have WordPress I recommend using note pad on your laptop. If you want it mobile than send an e-mail to yourself. In this day and age of technology, everyone has a smart phone where they can e-mail themselves or at least store notes to be a little bit more productive.

4. Ask for suggestions. Have family members and friends read your blog and allow them to have an open “bash” session with you. It may not be pleasant, but friends and family can be incredible resources to recommend changes to your blog, article ideas to write about, or just good ole encouragement. I’m always bouncing off ideas with my friends! It’s fun!

5. Get Help. Even though readers may not be flocking to your site or adding fuel to your motivation, getting help from an expert or fellow blogger (in the same situation) can boost the motivational gas gauges! These experts can provide real-world advice saving hours of pain and struggling which beats out trying to figure out things on your own. Also, this helps to prevent mistakes that could potentially set you back and lead down the road toward giving up.

6. Write Fiction. At times I get bored with writing run-of-the-mill non-fiction articles (although I love the results it produces 🙂 ). So, on occasion I write fictional material on topics I’m interested in, experiences I’ve had in my life and even keep a dream log. This helps bolster creativity and can bring your writing to a whole new level!

7. Setup a System. If you set a system that you follow regularly it becomes a habit and then automatic! My system (and you may choose to follow it or not), involves me setting a certain amount of time aside during the day, usually an hour, and I write straight through undistributed. Now, this may not be conventional but I literally write and write and write until my hour is up. This allows me to focus on nothing else but writing and motivates me to see a task through completion. Which leads to…

8. Avoiding Distractions. I listen to binaural beats or Hemi-Sync to change my brain waves to keep focused. It actually is quite effective and not as crazy as it sounds. For me, I really enjoy reading but I don’t enjoy distractions. So I do what I can to avoid it. However, there are those moments that you can’t help but be distracted; especially when family members or friends are watching the Final Episode of LOST! Or watching the season finale of American Idol. These are times that if you absolutely need to complete a task, just close the door and don’t let anyone in.

9. Sharpen the Saw. It amazes me to think that so many people although they never achieve the results their looking for, continue doing the same things. Sharpen the saw, made wildly popular by Stephen Covey, means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have – you. A link to the concept can be found here: Sharpen the Saw. The concept I apply here is to actually improve on an aspect of blogging. Before I started this blog, I spent hours reading on techniques, tips, and short-cuts to get this site off the ground! How can you not be motivated by blogging? There are so many resources out there to transform you from a blog amateur to a blog PRO! So, sharpen that saw and stir up your curiosity!

10. Reward yourself. If no one is going to praise you with comments, a book signing deal, free stuff or money, take it upon yourself to externally motivate yourself. It can be as simple as finishing a blog or writing a paragraph. I talk about this in great detail in my book, “The Ultimate Motivational Tool Kit”, however use rewards as a way to move you to action! It might even prove to be a double reward – the satisfaction for finishing the blog and the piece of candy that you decide to give yourself once you’ve finished.

This “How To Stay Motivated Writing a Blog” only scratches the surface of motivation and only gives a basis on where to start and maintain your blogging/writing journey. This is actually a warm-up for me to complete my 40-page book, “The Ultimately Motivational Tool Kit”. I’m nearly finished and can’t wait to give it to you all for FREE! If you want to receive a FREE copy when its released, subscribe to my newsletter and a copy will be sent straight to your inbox.

Thank you for reading everyone and whatever your aspirations are in life, stick with it within reason and it will prove to be a rewarding endeavor!