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iPhone Apps to Help Increase Productivity

Usually I like to be impartial when it comes to verses battles. Google vs. Bing. Coke vs. Pepsi, etc. A perfect example is Android or iPhone, I love them both! However for this article I feel that the iPhone has developed so many apps that there is literally nothing that the iPhone can’t do! Although

How to Stay Motivated Writing a Blog

If you’re a part-time blogger or even a full-time blogger, you run into those situations where you’re just not in the mood to write (I know I do!) So how do you muster the motivation after 10 hours of work, finding time for pleasurable pursuits and tending to the family? When finishing a long day,

Top iPad Apps for Productivity

After reviewing the repertoire of productivity apps on my iPhone, I thought that I’d take a crack at checking out the top productivity apps for my iPad! Although a ton of the applications on the App Store are similar with regards to the iPhone and iPad, the difference in resolution (and price) are astounding. Apps

Regular Motivation

We could all use a little inspiration, a little nudge and even a slap to the head! Small jolts of inspiration can help push us through difficult times and motivate us through life’s obstacles. This is a completely separate section from the blog and will post motivational, inspirational and encouragement blurbs (mainly quotes) to help


For the month of December, wants to get you ready for the New Year! That’s right. We want to help motivate you into 2011 with style and extra UMPH! In order to do that, we want to give you an incentive. December’s Contest and Giveaway is a $100 Visa Gift Card to receive right