About DALB

What REALLY gets you up EARLY in the morning? Is it reprimand for being late? How about a loud voice in your head yelling “GET UP!!”? Or could it be looking forward to the time you get to “talk story” with co-workers? These questions pose examples of how we motivate ourselves to get out of bed and MOVE!

Motivation is the key to getting things done, to accomplishing goals, and making dreams come true! However if we know this to be true, why do so many people fail to get the things they need finish…DONE!? We hear the excuse, “There’s not enough time in the day” or “I don’t feel like it right now.” When the pressure builds from a do-to item, project, or task that needs to be completed, what can we do… to get to the do?

Therefore, the REAL question is: How do we get started!? And how do we stay motivated? The answer is… do-a-little-bit. It seems easy and IT IS! Do-A-Little-Bit! This uncovers the real purpose of Doalittlebit.com what I like to call “the DALB site.”

My name is Quincy Solano, founder of DoALittleBit.Com and I have been studying motivation, self-discipline, self-development, time management, business, marketing, sales, project management, etc for the past 10 years starting at age 19. Am I wildly successful? Not by means according to “SOCIETY.” Have I accomplished my dreams? OF COURSE! To name a few, I started my own magazine business at 19 and produced a sizeable profit while gaining real life business experience. I graduated from college and am currently attending school for my MBA. I currently run a company of 7 full-time employees with a reputation of being the state’s leading technology news networks. I also starred in a movie with Carrie Underwood…I was an extra…BUT if you knew how much I idolized Carrie Underwood then you would understand the excitement and the accomplishment!

Throughout Doalittlebit.com are articles with nuggets of wisdom. Wisdom that I’ve found to be wildly effective while implementing in my life and as a goal I wish to help people that visit this site accomplish their dreams and goals to GET STARTED and KEEP GOING because as Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu would say “A journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step.”

I want EVERYONE to do-a-little-bit and get things done. On a regular basis you will find stories, tools, articles, and the MOTIVATION to Do-A-Little-Bit and accomplish anything you could ever want imaginable. Do you want to start a business? Do you want to lose weight? Are you looking to purchase a new home? It’s time to get started and do-a-little-bit. That’s all it takes!

The site will undergo metamorphosis from time-to-time as it’s still in the developmental stages. However, I hope to give viewers TONS of great information and create a community where everyone can do a little bit and realize their dreams.

Thank you for reading and STAY TUNED!